What is a Mag And How To Install IPTV On It

what is a mag box setup

What is a MAG:

Mag box is designed to fulfill current market needs.

MAG250 is a key model in the popular MAG series, designed for easy launch in IP-based networks.

The Set-Top Box is designed for ISPs, OTT-operators and content aggregators that provide services based on IPTV, OTT ‘¹‘, and VoD ‘²‘.

MAG250 contains a whole set of functions that are in high demand with operators, such as playback of digital TV channels in high quality, streaming video support and video on demand.

Install IPTV On MAG:

Follow these steps to configure your IPTV access on MAG.

  • Go to settings
  • System setting
  • Servers
  • Portal
  • Portal 1 URL
  • Enter your URL which will be provided by our technical support
  • Restart the system

Possible errors of install IPTV on mag:

  • After introducing the Mac address and Url (server address), nothing works, make sure you have introduced the information. Also, check that there are no spaces before or after.
  • If the yellow bar does not “load”, go to setting (top right), then profile and select the profile you want, or restart Your mag.
  • If a string does not work or if you see an error code 10000, do “reload” …
  • Nothing works, it happens that the internet does not go to your box with the wifi or the cable internet … Please make sure your box is connected.

Now, I think you know what is a MAG, how to install it and fix his errors.
If you have any question, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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