How To Install Perfect Player on Firestick Using [Downloader]

how to install perfect player apk on firestickIn this article, we will talk about the correct way to install perfect player on firestick (¹), and how to add free m3u file in the perfect player to watch your favorite channels. But before we start, I want to give a small definition of a perfect player for the people who do not know it.

So, the perfect player is the free application that lets you watch movies and tv series, and it support playlists format such M3U and XSPF.

If you like to watch your favorite TV shows or channels on your phone via perfect player, I suggest you find out how to install perfect player on your phone or computer.
Now let ‘s start installing this wonderful program on firestick.

How to Install Perfect Player on Firestick?

By following these steps you will be able to successfully install perfect player apk for firestick without any problems.

[su_note]NOTE: You need to enable apps from Unknown Sources by going to SETTING >> DEVICE >>DEVELOPER OPTIONS >> now make sure to turn ON for ADB DEBUGGING and APPS FROM UNKNOWN SOURCES.[/su_note]

Pass the pictures with your hand or with the mouse.

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Now go back to the home and select SEARCH and type DOWNLOAD and select the DOWNLOADER application and click the GET button such in the images screen.

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Wait until the download has completed.

Now open the DOWNLOADER >> select the URL SECTION and enter the one of this two following address:  or and click DOWNLOAD.

Use your remote to highlight the INSTALL button and select it.

After the download has finished selecting OPEN button and you will see the perfect player on Firestick.

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So far we have installed the perfect player apk for firestick correctly without facing any problems or errors.

We also know that the program does not have any channels .. I will explain to you how to add channels by entering the m3u file or URL.

Let’s go.

Open the perfect player on fire stick, and select SETTING >> GENERAL >> PLAYLIST

As shown in the screenshot you have two choices to display channels on the perfect player:

  • Select the folder on the right: the Android tree opens and choose the folder Download and find your m3u file then click on ok ( Give your list a name).
  • enter the URL your provider has sent you containing your username and password.+

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The first choice is the easiest and my favorite.

You can find an M3U file in our website by typing a free IPTV or free m3u according to your country in the search box, then download it to your device then upload it to the perfect player and ENJOY.

That’s all, It’s easy.

Now after knowing how to download and install perfect player apk on firestick without any errors, I want to know if you are successful too.

If you have any question, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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