Iptv VLC: How To Fix VLC Changes Channels

Iptv VLC

Iptv VLC Changes Channels in a Few Seconds!

Many people encounter the problem of shutting down or changing channels after a few seconds of execution on the VLC program ‘¹‘.

Here’s how to avoid this problem and enjoy your IPTV channels non-stop.

On PC:

  • Click on this button in the bottom bar

Iptv VLC

  • Must change in this form.

Iptv VLC

On Mobile:

Open an IPTV channel and tap somewhere on the screen.

On the lower bar select the settings button “three small dots”.

Iptv VLC

In the options that appear, choose the playback mode as in the screenshot below.

Iptv VLC

It must change as follows:

Iptv VLC
And that’s your problem is solved.

Now, I think you know how to fix iptv vlc changes channels in a few seconds on PC and MOBILE.
If you have any question, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.