IPTV Stalker Fix: What’s the IPTV Stalker and How to Install the addon

new iptv stalker fix In this article, we will provide the IPTV stalker fix guide, with step by step to download and install addon Kodi to watch all favorite tv channel from multiple countries.

If you have any problem, please reinstall the addon and do not contact the support Kodi team because the IPTV stalker is not official by them.

You can find out more details about the Kodi application and how to install it (IOS).

What is IPTV Stalker:

IPTV stalker is one of the cool add-ons with which you can watch all types of channels on Kodi using signals based on the logical IP. otherwise, the television technology uses the traditional form of data transmission techniques to stream media.

IPTV stalker Kodi mainly focuses on the TV channels from the countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada. and this add-on has the database from these countries itself.

You can also get other various channels in IPTV stalker addon. this addon is the best choice for people who want the IPTV on their television sets.

The Advantages of IPTV Stalker Kodi addon:

The IPTV stalker is considered one of the biggest advantages of Kodi, that allows you to easily display a lot of TV content on your device. Every one of the channels uses relevant logos to make broadcasting easier.

  • IPTV STALKER Kodi provides you with a huge library of TV channels.
  • To enable a parental lock on your TV set.
  • The IPTV stalker addon use an easy interface. also you can enjoy live streaming of tv channels from your android device too.
  • By add SuperRepo you will get the automated index of add-ons so that to make it easy to use Kodi.
  • The IPTV stalker includes an m3 server which enables you to have free streaming.
  • The addon Contains channels groups with Logos.

How to install IPTV Stalker addon Kodi:

The installation of IPTV stalker addon Kodi is easy like the others addon, just follow this exact steps.

  • Click on IPTV stalker download to get the add-on.

  • From the Kodi, home screen go to the SYSTEM menu and choose a SETTING.

iptv stalker fix

  • Inside of the Settings option selects the ADD-ONS.

iptv stalker fix

  • Choose (Install from ZIP file).

iptv stalker fix

  • Now choose the file source where you have stored the ZIP file of the IPTV STALKER. The zip file of the IPTV stalker download would be like (plugin.video.stalker.master.zip).

iptv stalker fix

You can also download SuperRepo repository and get the addon from there.

  • Once the add-on installation process gets over, you should get the notification saying the addon was successful. return to the home screen, from the VIDEO tab select ADD-ONS option.

iptv stalker fix

  • Now open the IPTV stalker Kodi from screen home and start exploring TV channels.

iptv stalker fix

The New IPTV Stalker Fix:

Kodi Stalker Client error is common when we use redirect URLs. I will show you the true way to fix the mac address and IPTV stalker authorization failed fix step by step.

  • Configure, portal 1, server address, and change it to your Mac Address like this ( 00:1A:78:12:34:67) (http://stv.gotdns.com:88/stalker_portal/c/ ).
  • Copy this address and paste it into a web browser, you can use your phone or any device.
  • Copy the real address and paste it in that server address and click OK, you disable and enable one step more time.
  • Leave a few minutes to synchronize the IPTV.
  • Ignore the error message.
  • Leave Kodi and restart.
  • The manager starts to import the list of IPTV channels.
  • The TV channels will appear at the end of the download.
  • And starts seeing the channel needs and all the channels will be working.

Sometimes if the issue happened, just cleaning data under live tv for tv and guide. Then the channel names showed as they should and EPG populated just fine.

NFPF Kodi Potato tv Add-on for IPTV/VOD utilizing PVR Simple Client:

Before you start, you must download the (potato disease) repository.

Save the file ( repository.sick-potato-1.0.0.zip) to your download directory.

So, let’s see how to change the guide source URL address for PotatoTV Users:

  • First, go to SYSTEM SETTING then select add-ons, my add-ons, PVR clients, PVR IPTV simple client
  • Now click (DISABLE) then click (CONFIGURE)
  • Select (EPG  SETTINGS) button and click in the (XMLTV URL) edit windows
  • Change the URL to the new URL and click (OK) to save the settings.
  • Do not enable yet, and go to SYSTEM SETTING, PVR&liveTV
  • Guide tab click (CLEAR DATA) and confirm by clicking (YES).
  • Go back to SYSTEM SETTING, ADD-ONS, MY ADD-ONS, PVR client, PVR IPTV simple client and click ( ENABLE).

Please check the Video Tutorial:

If you find any issues with the installation of IPTV stalker let me know by leaving a comment below right now.


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