The Best Paid iptv for kodi in The World [iptv subscription]

the best paid iptv for kodi 2018Today, I’m going to show you exactly the best paid iptv for Kodi 2018.

For those who have the Kodi and want to install it on iOS, Here’s how.

In fact, I have tested a lot of free and paid iptv for Kodi, there really is a difference between them, as well as a difference between each paid service.

In short: if you want a higher quality streaming, you’ll love this guide.

Before that, here’s another big article about the best iptv addon for kodi in most categories such as Sports, Xbox one, Kids, Music, Live TV, Movies.

So, let’s move to the paid iptv for Kodi that offers a good quality of streaming.

[su_note]NOTE: These providers may perform differently for different users. Make use of trials and see what works best for your setup.[/su_note]

Best Paid iptv For Kodi In 2018:

These are the same 5 best paid iptv service for Kodi that I’ve used.

Do you like to follow and watching sports channels on Kodi?

IF YES!! Mania HD is one of the best paid iptv services for Kodi that I know (unbiased recommendation ).

Mania HD offers you a wide selection of movies, cartoons, series and documentaries in high resolution and in 3D.

It is like the famous Sports Mania site that has multiple Sports channels around the world.

This is a subscription-type screenshot:

Mania HD is the best paid iptv for kodi
You can also register for a week, Two weeks, Three months, six months:
[su_table responsive=”yes”]

DurationThe price
1 Week News Pack$7.93
2 Weeks News Pack$9.25
1 Months News Pack$12.00
3 Months News Pack$22.00
6 Months News Pack$34.00

kodi solutions this is is a live TV application that works on the smart TV, on APK, and of course, it works on Kodi.

[su_note]NOTE: You can’t run the Kodi Solutions app for Roku, iPad, Mac, iPhone, and PC. it’s only available for Android and Kodi addon.[/su_note]

It is also considered a paid iptv service that looks pretty familiar and it has the same template as some of the other ones.

kodi solutions is the best paid iptv for kodi

This application contains hundreds of TV channels in various categories such as Entertainment, Documentaries, Movies, Sports, News, Kids, Music, 3PM Football and MORE.

kodi solutions is one of the best paid iptv for kodi

Click on the button download to install the Kodi solutions iptv APK.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”bubbles” background=”#E56334″ color=”#ffffff” radius=”round” icon=”icon: download”]Kodi Solutions IPTV APK[/su_button]

Click in the link to see the subscribing type and the package costs.:

and you can access our support resources below:

Vader screams is a now one of the biggest and most popular paid iptv service for Kodi that offers over 1000 HD channels in many categories such as news, live HD sports, entertainment, live events, movies, TV shows and more.

Vader screams is a one of the biggest best paid iptv for kodi

Vader Streams is available for Kodi, Mag boxes, VLC Media Player, and any device that will accept M3U playlists.

The Vader Streams is compatible with Android phone & tablets fire tv & fire stick, perfect player, Xbox One, Mac & PC, Apple iPhone & iPad, Nvidia Shield, Android Boxes.

Get the Vader Streams APK App from here:

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#E56334″ color=”#ffffff” radius=”round” icon=”icon: cloud-download”]Vader Streams APK App[/su_button]

If you are looking for the best alternative to using Vader APK, I recommend you the Perfect Player.

You can use the Vader Streams on up to 5 devices and  3 location ( IP address) at the same time.

choose from any of our monthly service packages:

Vader screams is one of the best paid iptv for kodi

Fix Vader Streams [STILL DOWN]:

  • Uninstall your app completely then install it again or clear the app data cache.
  • Use a VPN to make sure you are not being blocked.
  • Reboot your device & internet.

USTVnow is a best paid iptv service that offers a premium satellite channels in the USA like FOX, CBS, NBC, AMC and more.

This app has a good looking interface and basically designed for the family of the American military to watch TV on their Android.

USTVnow also offers a free version of the registry by registering on their site via this link:

USTVnow is one of the best paid iptv for kodi 2017

USTVnow is a cross-platform that works on a majority of devices such as Smartphones, Tablet computers,  Apple TV.

USTVNOW App is available for Android boxes, Windows, Mac, Kodi, iPhone, Firestick, and Roku.

[su_note]NOTE: The USTVNow Kodi addon called USTVNow Plus, and the team does not provide technical and customer support for this third party & Android boxes and Firestick.[/su_note]

Download the USTVnow APK on click on this button:

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#E56334″ color=”#ffffff” radius=”round” icon=”icon: download”]USTVnow APK [/su_button]

Gears TV is another best paid iptv service that offers hundreds of Canada, USA and UK channels live content.

with this premium service, you can access to all PPV fight event each month, and you can also receive NBA League Pass, MLB, NFL Sunday Ticket and more.

Gears TVis one of best paid iptv for kodi 2016

You can get Gears TV APK by clicking on the download button:

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#E56334″ color=”#ffffff” radius=”round” icon=”icon: download”]Gears TV APK[/su_button]

Now, I think you know the best paid iptv service for Kodi.
If you have any question, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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