Best IPTV For Kodi: The Working Kodi Addons 2018

best iptv for kodi

This guide focuses on best iptv for kodi addons. It will also let you know how to install them. And to be able to watch IPTV on Kodi worldwide.

To find out what’s the best add-on Kodi for this years, we’ve collected trends and data from many websites, including Google Trends, Kodi communities, Facebook groups and other communities. The results have been extraordinary and at the same time the most exciting. Covenant add-on came out on top.

Before giving you the best IPTV addon for Kodi, there is something you need to know. It is important to know what’s Kodi & how to install it and configure a VPN before using Kodi for IPTV.

Best VPN For Kodi:

  • NordVPN is our first choice because it has a special feature called DNS Smart Play. The feature is designed to easily bypass geographic restrictions and is very useful for connecting to any platform that broadcasts a sporting event. Plus, with NordVPN, you can count on reliability and fast speed, two great factors to enjoy all online sports events.
  • HMA‘s huge server network makes a great VPN option for Kodi.
    When combined with the high speeds of HMA, your Kodi experience will be greatly enhanced. However, HMA allows you to only show what is legal, and copyrighted content may result in suspension of your account.
  • IPVanish is often considered the best VPN for Kodi. This is because it ticks almost every box you want in a Kodi VPN. IPVanish is also one of only three VPNs that offer a native VPN client for Amazon TV and Stick, which is a popular Kodi device
  • This is a superb complete option for Kodi users. ExpressVPN has servers all over the world to help users unlock content from any region. The fantastic speeds of the VPN also help to ensure a smooth flow on Kodi.

Using Kodi is completely legal, but using it to watch copyrighted content is not. There are Kodi TV extensions that do not comply with the rules and regulations. It’s not entirely the user’s fault to use them because you can not know which ones are legitimate. Using a VPN, so is a good way to make sure that you will not receive a notice from your ISP.

How to install Kodi Addons?
Before we go to the best IPTV guide for Kodi and how we can install different add-ons, Let’s take a look at Kodi addons general installation guide.

  1. Start by downloading the repository you need for Kodi-Addons.
  2. Open Kodi and go to Settings by clicking on the gear symbol at the top left.
  3. Go to the file manager and click Add Source.
  4. None, click and copy/paste or type “Repository URL”.
  5. Click OK, enter a “Repository Name” at the bottom, and then click OK again.
  6. Return to the Home screen and click Add-ons.
  7. Select the box icon or the package symbol at the top left.
  8. Select Install from a zip file, locate and select the repository name (the name you entered in step 4).
  9. Select the zip file to start the installation.
  10. Return to the Installation from zip file screen and select Install from Repository.
  11. Locate the repository you just installed and access the video addons.
  12. Find and select the Kodi movie extension of your choice (such as Exodus, Genesis Reborn, etc.) and click Install.

List of the Best IPTV for Kodi (Add-ons 2018):

To give you a quick overview of the best Kodi add-ons, here are our 11 main addons that will offer unlimited content for streaming:
Covenant, Exodus, Neptune Rising, Fantastic, Oculus, Uncoded, Gurzil, Poseidon, Strictly HD, Genesis Reborn, SportsDevil.

best iptv for kodi

New IPTV addon for Kodi (updates):

The new Kodi modules are less likely to be noticed by law enforcement agencies and therefore survive longer. As a result, Kodi’s latest additions are more powerful than those of his predecessors in maintaining their business. Check out our latest Kodi modules.

Crackle: is a streaming service that offers a diverse selection of movies and TV shows. It’s free and features more well-known titles, like Underworld 2003. Crackle Region-locks their content, so to watch, you’ll need to connect your VPN to an American server.

FilmRise: is a distributor of TV shows and independent films. They have two additions: FilmRise, which contains six of their TV shows, and FilmRise – YouTube, which also includes their free to watch movies.

BigStar Movies: has a collection of award-winning independent and foreign movies and the BigStar Movies & TV addon allows you to watch them directly via Kodi. This service is completely legal to use and unlike the BigStar online service, you do not need to keep a credit card on file. This is only used for the purchase of specific movies. Since this can not be done via the addon, the payment is not necessary.

TubiTV: is one of the largest streaming video-on-demand websites. The service has a library of more than 50,000 titles, ranging from movies to TV shows. In addition, there is no charge for using TubiTV. It offers the service as a free and advertising-funded option.

Velocity: was an addon that offered Kodi users a selection of copyrighted movies. This was one of the add-ons that were removed from TV Add-ons’ Fusion repo after their legal problems and is no longer supported or maintained.

Dr. Stream: The Dr. Stream Kodi addon contained 4K movies and TV shows, but has since been discontinued and can no longer be installed.

Black Hat: The Black Hat addon used to offer a large library of TV shows and movies, but is offline in recent months. We reached out to the developer behind the repo Maverick, who confirmed that The Black Hat will not come back.

Icefilms: For a long time, Icefilms was a popular add-on among Kodi users looking for unlicensed content. After TV Add-ons was hit with a lawsuit, however, they removed all their infringing add-ons, including Icefilms. Icefilms can still be found in other repositories, but none of these versions work either.

123Movies: is very similar to the addon of Yes Movies Kodi. They both provide unrestricted access to copyright-protected content, both take a long time to show the titles on offer, and both connect primarily to 720p streams. There are official add-ons for movies that offer a better experience, so we do not recommend movies at all.

Duckpool: is the new name of the iStream addon. This retrieves links from multiple streaming sites and collects them in one place for easier access. Duckpool tells his users that he is not doing anything illegal, but he only pulls links from unofficial sources. Without the ability to add official sources, Duckpool is not suitable for most Kodi users. However, it does not matter anymore because Duckpool is now offline.

Quantum: (formerly Supremacy) is another Kodi all-in-one addon. It has a large library of movies, TV shows, and live TV broadcasts, but there are very few official licenses. This addon also contains other third-party add-ons, so it’s obvious that legitimacy is not the main concern of the developer.

Streamhub: is an all-in-one Kodi addon. It is quite similar to the other third-party options mentioned above, but Streamhub offers additional feeds to paying subscribers. Since the service is not official, it’s a dangerous proposition: it’s unclear what the creators will do with the details of your credit card.

Best TV IPTV Add-ons for Kodi:

Bob unleash: BOB is the new-age Kodi addon. After the departure of Phoenix, Blue, and Valhalla, BOB arrived with an incredible media library. Subscribers can find HD movies, a huge music library and a live TV bundled into a Kodi addon. In addition, users can stream high-end TV shows and watch IMDB movie hours on BOB. Install BoB from this guide.

MetalliQ: is a favorite Kodi addon for movie lovers and bulimie watchers. The popularity of MetalliQ is based on an impressive media library that presents the latest popular, classic, most watched and best films of the moment. In addition, MetalliQ offers a variety of successful TV shows and streaming music, providing a unique solution for high-end entertainment.

YouTube: (developed by Bromix) is the add-on associated with the platform of the same name. It allows you to watch videos from the site.

SALTS: Streaming All Sources (SALTS) is back after being previously shut down due to the disappearance of Fusion Repository. The developer team has updated this module with new links and sources and is now ready to show TV shows alongside movies to its viewers. Install SALTS from this tutorial.

Mobdina: Like Mobdro Kodi add-on, Mobdina goes even further because it offers many live IPTV channels from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Mexico. In addition to this, it has different sections, including movies, TV shows, live sports, music, and much more. It can be found in the Repository Playon Monkey.

Ultra IPTV: Ultra IPTV is a paradise for Kodi users who like to broadcast IPTV channels. This addon will broadcast live sports events, news channels, and movies from around the world. Some of the channels remain to be geo-restricted for which you can use Kodi VPN, but no matter how many other channels work as well.

USTVNow Plus: Live TV on Kodi for US TV channels is managed as best as possible by USTVNow. With this Kodi IPTV addon, you can access seven major networks for zero cost on your Kodi TV. The networks that are available for free are: (Fox, CBS, NBC, CW, ABC, My TV).

Stealth: Stealth is a new Kodi addon that can be found in the Merlin repository and includes sections for movies, TV shows, IPTV channels, and documentaries. If you just want to laugh, there is also a stand-up comedy section available.

Project M: Project M is a new add-on from Kodi and has already become the master of all Kodi addons because it offers everything from movies, TV shows, sports, live IPTV, and music. However, the Live IPTV section is geo-restricted.

The Best IPTV Kodi Add-ons for Movies:

One of the most intriguing things about Kodi is that you can watch movies of many genres. From action movies to thriller, you name it. These Kodi add-ons offer the latest movies as well as popular classics. Make sure to enter all Kodi addons for movies:

best iptv for kodi

Oculus: The new branding repository features an addon Movies & TV series for your longer entertainment hours. These movies and TV shows are separated into new film section, popular section, top rated section, and so on.

Exodus ITA: Exodus-ITA-Kodi-addonExodus ITA is not the original extension of Exodus Kodi, but is an exact range. Similar to Exodus, it shows the latest movies and TV shows. The only thing that differentiates the two add-ons is the language. The default language for Exodus ITA is Italian. You can change the default settings by right-clicking Exodus ITA addon> Click Settings> General tab, change the language to English.

Mad House Classics: Mad House Classics Kodi add-on is for fans who enjoy watching classic movies and TV shows from the ’50s to the’ 90s. Sometimes it’s better to say goodbye to new movies and their stories with CGI effect. and walk down the path of classic movies and enjoy the time that our ancestors spent in the day.

Golden Age: As the name suggests, the Golden Age is all about bringing you classic movies based on abundant categories. These categories include Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Horror, and much more. It brings you movies from the early 1900s in good video quality.

TV King: is a complete Movie Kodi supplement that offers all kinds of genres for movies and TV shows. It also shows movies that are recently available in movie theaters but will show as HD cams. In addition, tons of Netflix, HBO and Hulu TV series are also added, which can be seen in HD quality.

Twitch: is a TV platform mainly for gamers. But other videos are also available.

Navi-X: is a sharing platform. It allows you to share your playlist on the internet and view those of others.

PlayOn: is the extension for Kodi linked to Netflix. You must, therefore, have an account. PlayOn also allows video recording in mp4 format.

Phoenix: is also an extension that provides access to regularly updated videos. In addition, the videos are well organized so you can find it very easily.

Stream: All The Sources, or Salts, is an extension that even allows access to videos in HD, but most of them are in English. However, you must have an account on Rest assured, registration is free.

Emporium Film: is a new introduction to the Dandy Media repository that broadcasts live IPTV movies and channels. In particular, Film Emporium addon shows American and British channels. Thus, any Kodi user who wants to watch British and American TV channels can get Fil Emporium.

SafeHouse Movies: may not have huge popularity like Exodus or Covenant, but it’s definitely worth it. Its media library is full of old and new films and is constantly updated so that no link is found by the spectators.

Poseidon: The best thing about the Poseidon extension is that you will always find its multimedia library up to date. The add-on has a user interface similar to that of the Exodus add-on. All in all, this is a great addition you can watch for watching movies and TV shows.

Exodus: The best extension that allows you to watch movies and other videos online. Attention, in France, the setting online and the visualization of films not authorized by the owner are punished by the law. Unfortunately, Exodus cannot tell the difference. We call therefore your good judgment and your honesty.

Covenant: The most popular Kodi extension is Exodus’ official replacement. This add-on is much more stable than Exodus or any other movie add-ons and this is the reason why it has been rated as the most popular in the Kodi world. Follow this guide to install Covenant.

Genesis Reborn: As Genesis was shut down by law enforcement agencies, most viewers ignore the fact that Genesis is reborn as Genesis Reborn. He has the same team of developers who were working to make Genesis add-on a success. This new add-on has all the features that Genesis originally had. Install Genesis using this step-by-step guide.

The Resistance: is the new addition and an exact replica of Alliance and Exodus. It has all the same categories that are available in these popular Kodi add-ons. These include movies and TV shows.

Beau’s Place: is a complete extension of Kodi that offers live IPTV channels, movies, TV shows and short documentaries. It also has a special feature that shows webcams from the most famous places in the world. In addition, it offers fitness videos and diet programs.

Fantastic: is a new video addon of Kodi from Firestickplusman. It is a fork of exodus/alliance with good links.

Triton: is another add-on that brings you movies and TV shows with HD links. This add-on stays up to date with all the new movies and TV series that work. This add-on can be found in the Build Soulless repository.

Strictly HD: is another new Kodi module that has tons of features that match the league’s top add-ons, ie Covenant and Bob Unleashed. As the name implies, this add-on contains only links and sources for HD or 1080p quality videos. This is by far the best option for Kodi users who watch nothing but HD quality.

Universe Addon: has a unique combination of movies where it consists of 3D movies, Bollywood movies, HD movies, kids, and so on. You’ll find this module hassle-free because you only need to click once when playing a movie.

SpinzFlix: comes from Spinz TV Repository which mainly includes movies, TV shows, children’s sections and Urban. It will provide both SD and HD links depending on your Internet connection.

Bubbles: is a free movie and addon TV Show that offers free links to watch video content and a paid version via Real Debrid. It also has a bubble wizard that may appear at the beginning for Kodi users.

Uncoded: is another Covenant fork and contains all the latest movies and TV shows you love. It can be found in its own repository, that is to say in Uncoded Repository, but what is good about this module is that it contains no limitation or log.

The Best Live tv IPTV addons For Kodi:

When it comes to watching live TV, Kodi has you covered. There are different add-ons that you can use to broadcast live TV on Kodi, check them all:

eCloud TV: The cCloud TV add-on is another substitute that you can try if you do not want to use the Netflix Kodi addon. The cCloud TV addon allows you to watch your TV shows and movies on your own terms.

Made in Canada IPTV: Offers a good portion of US and Canadian channels as well as a good proportion of UK channels. There is a preference for Canadian networks, but that is not a problem. The selection of television channels in the United States and the United Kingdom transforms it completely.

TuneIn Radio: serves music lovers who prefer live broadcast of the radio instead of music on demand. Once installed on Kodi, the TuneIn Radio Addon allows listeners to access many radio stations and podcasts with one click. In addition, listeners can listen to news, talk, sports, and news with TuneIn Radio.

Halow Live TV: is an excellent complement for live streams and TV, but has a much larger media library than you’d expect. It also has a cinema, TV shows and a children’s section that is also popular among Kodi viewers. In addition, it also offers radio programs, but you need a Kodi VPN.

Picasso: is another all-in-one addon that has literally included everything from movies, TV shows, documentaries and sports. It also has an extensive music library and many live IPTV channels to watch your favorite TV show.

Supra Box: Supra Box Kodi addon is mainly a live IPTV channel addon, but it contains everything including movies, TV shows, sports, and many other sections. You can find videos in 1080p and Ultra High Definition.

IPTV Bonanza: is a live TV extension that is flourishing with many IPTV channels belonging to the United Kingdom, United States, France, Spain, Poland, Albania, German and Arab. You never have to pay the cable bills when you are an excellent IPTV addon that brings you all live sporting events and news broadcast directly on Kodi.

The Best Kodi Add-ons For Live Sports:

best iptv for kodi

Rising Tides: is another product of a genius where you can find so many sports channels that allows you to watch live PPV events. This is an add-on that is not known by many Kodi users, but since the fall of the great sports add-on, it has accelerated to the top.

Deliverance: is a new add-on from Kodi that has gained popularity amidst all the chaos when SportsDevil and Castaway Sports broke down. Deliverance was introduced at the right time and took a good lead in the add-on sports category. It has a massive library for the climax of previous matches but is famous for its live sports.

Stream Engine: Also known as “Way to Non-Stop Entertainment” is one of a kind. With well-organized categories for sports, TV shows, blockbuster movies, Stream Engine provides a superior entertainment experience to users. In addition to this, viewers get an option to broadcast various channels, including Discovery, ESPN, Sky Sports, NBA TV and more.

Atom: is a complete Kodi add-on with a massive library. His library contains new movie versions, live IPTV channels, live sports and children’s areas. It has a separate section for Real Debrid users that can connect and stream channels without buffering. This new add-on can be found in Supremacy Repository.

NetStreams Sports Hub: This is Brettus Repository hosting the NetStreams Sports Hub add-on featuring cricket, football, rugby and other sports. It has a separate section to watch American Football (NFL) and American Basketball (NBA) that you can watch live with the NetStreams Sports Hub addon

SportsDevil: is the add-on live broadcast for sports fans. SportsDevil covers a wide variety of sports streaming channels for tennis, football, ice hockey, racing, cycling and more.

Joker Sports: Allows you to watch live sports live and highlights on your devices. This add-on covers all kinds of sports that are played live all over the world. If this sport is available in the best sports channels, you can also see it. Some of the best sports channels, for example, BT Sports and Sky Sports, have their own main menu in which you can find sub-channels in the category.

Veilside: The Veilside Kodi addon comes from ComicSaints Repository, from a handful of deposit that has stayed with Kodi for many years. Veilside broadcasts every multimedia content, but its sports section is particularly entertaining. Watch Live Sports from channels such as BT Sports, Sky Sports, Euro Sports, NBCS, and many more.

The 4 Best Working Kodi Addons for Android:

With Kodi installed on your Android device, you can enjoy unlimited online entertainment. These best Kodi add-ons for Android will allow you to enjoy live sports, popular movies, TV shows and more on the go:

Football Repeat: Repeat Football Kodi addon is a Kodi Sports add-on in one click for football fans. Users can broadcast all the live matches of the Champions League, Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, France League etc. Users can also broadcast international football competitions such as the World Cup etc.

NAN Tutorials: NAN or Noobs and Nerds Tutorials is an excellent Kodi addon for users of all levels. The addon aims to provide comprehensive support and information on basics, FAQs, technical issues and installation on different platforms. In addition, users can find detailed information on how to use Kodi on Windows, Linux, Android, Raspberry Pi, Xbox and other platforms.

iStream: The iStream addon Kodi is one of the best Kodi addons for live streaming. With a wide range of offerings, iStream offers the best of time movies from different genres, blockbuster movies, top rated movies, IMDB Top 250 titles and the most voted films. In addition, subscribers can watch all favorite TV shows and the latest television series through TV shows and iWatch on the iStream addon.

Digi Box: A Kodi Digi Box add-on is preferably one of the best Kodi add-ons for Android with all the new movies, TV series and documentaries on the horizon. It is fast to load the media and does not allow Kodi to increase the game, thus preventing buffering.

The Best Kodi add-on for Kids:

Cartoons Clown: Regardless of the name, Cartoons Clown is the best Kodi add-on for kids, as this module is not limited to cartoons or animated movies, but it also has movies and television shows that attract young people. Kids love this module because of its massive library and its variety of content. It can be found in the Super Repo Depot and Kodil.

CartoonsOn: is a perfect mix for kids and adults as it has added old and new designs to its media library. In addition, it also contains movies on its database where it offers animated movies for kids.
Anyone with children should get the add-on from Noobs and Nerds Repository.

Best Kodi Addons for Music:

TuneIn radio: This extension gives you access to most radios available streaming from around the world.

Soundcloud: The largest music catalog in the world, with recordings of very good quality.

Beatz: is a massive musical extension with its extremely vast music library that never fails to fascinate its viewers. The good thing about this add-on is its limited reliance on YouTube. It collects data from different websites while updating the add-on accordingly.

Bandicoot Vids: Anyone who likes to watch music concerts of different musicians around the world, can now install Bandicoot Kodi add-on for live viewing. This add-ons also shows live sports events and also works on YouTube and contains classic movies.

MP3 Streams: has already been found in Metal Kettle Repository, but as this Repository is having some problems, you can get this Kodi Super Repo module.

Best Kodi Xbox one add-ons:

Kodi was previously called XBMC (XBox Media Center), which means that it was originally developed for Xbox One. However, as he took a broader perspective and changed his name to Kodi. Here are some add-ons that work well with Xbox One:

Fsociety: Fsociety Kodi add-on offers much more than just movies and TV shows, but it also offers documentaries, short films, music, and much more. He comes from Repo Looking Glass and plays videos in SD and HD quality.

Rebirth: Rebirth Kodi add-on is identical to the Exodus add-on that was once a popular third-party addon for Kodi. XBox users will feel the same sensation as Windows, Android, and Mac users for many years. It will bring you free movies and TV shows that are worth trying for XBox users.

Neptune Rising: is another Exodus and Covenant fork for XBox users that comes from Blamo Repository. This is a video module that displays movies and TV shows on demand in HD quality. In addition, the reason he makes a better Kodi add-on is due to his many links and sources for a movie you’ll never find for Covenant and Exodus.

The Best Other IPTV addons for Kodi:

Goodfellas 2.0: The reasons why Goodfellas 2.0 is so popular are many. This is one of the rare add-ons that ticks all the boxes of your needs for a Kodi IPTV extension. Be it a good quality of streaming, a large number of options, the ease of access, or the reliability of its flows; Goodfellas 2.0 has it all.

ROM Collection Browser: is an extension that allows access to several applications. You are entitled to many features, including an emulator that allows you to access old games

BSPPlayer & subscene: are two extensions that allow you to find and download the subtitles of your movies in several languages.
picture slideshow screensaver: An extension that allows you to capture your screen.

Trakt: is an extension that tracks your viewing habits and creates a record of your habits. Rest assured, Trakt does not do it without your knowledge. You can share this information later with your friends and vice versa.

Addon installer: This is an extension that greatly facilitates the installation of other applications.

Plex: This extension is only available for Plex subscribers. It provides access to a personal library on the cloud to view videos, listen to music, and access other content.

Now, I think you know the best IPTV for Kodi and android.
If you have any question, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.