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ZR5 Motion Remote

Now that you made the decision to buy The Smartest Smart TV ever, why not add a few accessories.

Or, perhaps your dog ate the remote. No problem. We’ve got plenty more where that came from.

Our ZR5 Motion Remote is one of the best on the market. Run your TV from the seat of your couch or the other room. It’s up to you.

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ZR5 2.4GHz Remote Controller Fly Air Mouse 3D Motion Stick Android Remote for PC, Smart TV, Set-top-box, Android TV Box, Media Player

ZR5 is designed for Smart TVs, Set-top-boxes and Android TV Boxes.
High Light Features:
IR Power on/off;
2.4G Wireless, USB receiver;
Non-directional remote controll;
Air Mouse, Anti-shake algorithm;
Motion Sense Games;
OS:for Windows, for Mac OS, for Android, for Linux
Devices:PC, Smart TV, Set-top-box, Android TV Box, Media Player.
Motion Sensing Games changed the way games are played and made game couch potatoes actually get up off their rear ends and play a game while actually physically interacting with the game.


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